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Product Overview

Generative AI for Construction Documents

Seamlessly interact with and extract insights from your specific construction documents through conversational AI. Enhance collaboration and decision-making by extracting key information and insights directly from documents through intuitive conversation.

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RFI Management

Facilitate clear communication and resolution of project-related queries. Accelerate decision-making and mitigate risks by promptly addressing uncertainties and issues. Our RFI feature provides a centralized platform for managing and resolving inquiries from stakeholders. Keep the lines of communication open and ensure that critical information flows smoothly, enhancing project transparency and efficiency.

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Streamline Daily Reporting

Effortlessly document daily progress, incidents, and observations with our Daily Logs feature. Enhance project transparency and accountability by capturing crucial information in real-time, ensuring all stakeholders stay informed. Simplify record-keeping and compliance with automated logging, reducing administrative burden and errors. Seamlessly track labor, materials, and equipment usage for accurate cost tracking and analysis. Empower your team with intuitive tools for efficient daily reporting, fostering collaboration and driving project success.

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The dashboard provides a centralized hub for monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing project performance. Gain immediate visibility into all your ongoing projects.

Coming Soon: Intelligent search functionality that understands the context of texts entered by users through AI-powered algorithms.

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Document Management

Streamline document management processes, enhance collaboration, and contribute to the overall success of construction projects. Leverage document management features to store and organize project documents, blueprints, permits, and contracts.

Coming Soon: Intelligent search functionality that understands the context of texts entered by users through AI-powered algorithms.

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Change Order Management

Change order management that allows project teams to handle modifications to the original project scope, budget, or timeline. Unforeseen circumstances, client requests, design modifications, or other factors that impact the project's initial plan can be handled in one central workspace.

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Collaboration & Communication

Ensure a seamless flow of information through a central email communication workspace for each project. Correspondence related to change orders, project modifications, and more.

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Task Management & Schedulling

Utilize task management and scheduling tools to assign and track project tasks. Ensuring that teams can efficiently plan, execute, and monitor tasks to meet project objectives.

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Invite Unlimited Team

Our Team Member Management feature is designed to enhance collaboration and streamline communication.

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Visual Progress Tracking

Streamline communication by uploading, organizing, and sharing project photos in one centralized hub. Whether documenting site conditions, showcasing completed milestones, or flagging issues for quick resolution, 'Photos' keeps your team on the same page. Track changes over time with the built-in timeline, providing a visual narrative of your project's evolution. Say goodbye to scattered images and hello to a visual history that enhances accountability and clarity.

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What Makes Us Different

  • Generative AI for Construction Documents
  • Improved Team Collaboration
  • Unlimited projects and users
  • Construction Project Managers as service


  • AI not commonly offered
  • Collaboration features may be siloed
  • Pricing per projects and per users
  • Not commonly offered

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