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BUILDIFYPRO is an all-in-one construction management software designed to help you improve communication, streamline tasks, and keep your projects on track. A software that helps you reduce project delays, minimize errors, and boost profits.

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Key Features at a Glance


Generative AI for Construction Documents

Seamlessly interact with and extract insights from your specific construction documents through conversational AI. Enhance collaboration and decision-making by extracting key information and insights directly from documents through intuitive conversation. Our Generative AI feature allows you to converse with your construction documents effortlessly. Simply chat with the documents to extract critical information, analyze data, and make informed decisions without the hassle of manual searches or complex interfaces. Streamline your workflow and gain deeper insights with the power of conversational AI at your fingertips.

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Change Management

Maintain control and visibility over changes throughout the project lifecycle. Minimize project delays and cost overruns by efficiently managing changes in scope, schedule, and budget. Our change management tools ensure that every alteration to your project is tracked, documented, and communicated effectively. Stay on top of project changes and keep your team aligned for successful project delivery.

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RFI (Request for Information)

Facilitate clear communication and resolution of project-related queries. Accelerate decision-making and mitigate risks by promptly addressing uncertainties and issues. Our RFI feature provides a centralized platform for managing and resolving inquiries from stakeholders. Keep the lines of communication open and ensure that critical information flows smoothly, enhancing project transparency and efficiency.

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Dashboard & Projects

Our Dashboard Metrics feature empowers construction companies and specialty contractors with real-time insights into their projects. The dashboard acts as a central hub for monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing project performance. Gain immediate visibility into all your ongoing projects. The dashboard offers a comprehensive snapshot, including project status, key milestones, and critical updates. Track project health with key performance indicators (KPIs) such as project progress, budget status, and timeline adherence. Identify areas that require attention and take proactive measures.

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Team Members Management

Our Team Member Management feature is designed to enhance collaboration and streamline communication for construction companies and specialty contractors. It allows you to easily add team members and define their roles within each project. Effortlessly add team members to your projects. Whether they are in-house staff, subcontractors, or external stakeholders, you can ensure everyone is on the same page. Define roles and responsibilities for each team member. Assign project managers, architects, engineers, or any other role that aligns with your project structure. Team members have designated communication channels within the software. This improves the flow of information, reduces miscommunication, and ensures that critical updates reach the right people.

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Gantt Chart and Task Management with Team Assignment

Our Gantt Chart and Task Management feature is a cornerstone of our construction project management software, designed to bring remarkable value to construction companies and specialty contractors. It combines task management with team assignment to provide a comprehensive project planning and execution tool. Utilize the Gantt chart to visually map out your project timeline. It provides a clear overview of tasks, dependencies, and project milestones, allowing you to plan with precision. Easily create tasks and assign them to team members. Define due dates, priorities, and task descriptions to ensure everyone knows what needs to be done.

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Document Management & Communication

Comprehensive document management feature tailored for construction purposes, including an integrated email-sharing capability. A centralized digital repository specifically designed for construction document files, photos, and drawings. Users can store and organize documents in one location. Share your file directly via email and replies from stakeholders or team members in one central location.

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We are just different

What Makes Us Different

  • Generative AI for Construction Documents
  • Improved Team Collaboration
  • Unlimited projects and users
  • Construction Project Managers as service


  • AI not commonly offered
  • Collaboration features may be siloed
  • Pricing per projects and per users
  • Not commonly offered

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